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EDRA 46 - Brainstorm: Dynamic Interactions of Environment-Behavior and Neuroscience

27 May 2015

Los Angeles, California, May 27 – 30, 2015.   Neuroscience has the potential to add another very significant and critical dimension to half a century of research on environment-behavior.  This conference... read more »

Corenet Global: 2015 Asia Pacific Summit

17 March 2015

Hong Kong, March 17 - 19, 2015  Disruptive Innovation: The Business of Change  Regardless of position, industry or geography we are all in the business of change, we are challenged to disrupt,... read more »

Corenent Global North American Summit: Preparing for Future Shifts

26 October 2014

Washington D.C. October 26th - 29th, 2014.   This summit is turning the conversation from efficiency and cost cutting to effectiveness and value creation. To help Corporate Real Estate (CRE) professionals make this turn,... read more »

International WELL Building Institute: WELL2014 Conference

20 October 2014

New Orleans, LA  October 20th, 2014   WELL 2014 is the first annual symposium for design, construction and real estate professionals who want to lead the market and build a movement... read more »

New WOW Symposium 17: Managing a New Ways of Working Workspace

28 September 2014

Paris, France Sept. 28th – Oct. 1st, 2014.   Managing a new ways of working workspace requires far more than designing and managing a physical work place. It also requires managing... read more »

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