e-Learning Features

Mentor-Led Training

The e-Work.com training courses provide a mentor-led experience throughout the course to enhance the students' connection with the material, resulting in improved learning and retention.


Videos engage the student and illustrate important trends that are affecting the workplace.

Individual Course Path

An optional student-directed course path is available to deliver a unique learning experience to each student based on his or her individual work style and learning needs.

Clickable Content Areas

Clickable content areas with expandable details for each sub-topic and learn more topics for in-depth study.

Phone & Web Activities

Scenario-based phone and web activities to allow students to learn and apply concepts with real life situations.

Drag and Drop Exercises

Drag and Drop matching exercises to help students retain and apply key concepts and learning points in the course.

Office Layout and Safety Exercises

Office Layout and Safety activities allow students to practice finding safety hazards they just learned about in the related lesson.

Complete navigation tools, with learn more links and easy to use buttons make it simple for students to view and navigate the course and to readily return to sections they have already viewed.


Quizzes for each sub-topic to test retention and reinforce learning at the point of content delivery.

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