e-Learning Platform

Our customers have been telling us that when they compare other training options with the e-Work.com e-Learning Solution, there is, well, no comparison. A well-designed e-Learning training solution can be much more effective and offer greater satisfaction than classroom training, or even a slide show with a sound track. Studies show that using quality e-Learning can provide the following benefits:

  • Learning time can be reduced by up to 50%
  • Student retention can increase by up to 25%
  • Presents content consistently and efficiently
  • Training can be easily, rapidly deployed to thousands

e-Learning vs. Classroom: Higher impact, Lower effort

e-Learning vs Classroom

The benefits of e-Learning are clear, making it the most cost effective, efficient, productive way for organizations to quickly drive cultural change and new ways of working across the organization.

What Do Students Prefer?

Why do students prefer e-Learning? Students tend to show a higher satisfaction level with e-Learning training because:

  • Training is available on any web-connected computer
  • There is no need to travel to a classroom
  • The student select the best time for them to train
  • Training is self-paced
  • The students can stop and restart training at any time
  • Training materials are available even after completion

With all its benefits, students may still react negatively to the thought of e-Learning if their previous e-Learning experiences were negative. As a result of our student feedback, we are very confident that your students will complete our courses admitting it was a positive experience.  e-Work.com has incorporated a variety of advanced learning and retention techniques to achieve the desired results with our courses. 

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