Working in Distributed Teams

Learn essential contemporary skills to work as a successful distributed team member.

Students acquire the skills, tools and resource links needed to become a highly successful distributed team member. They will review the impact of mobility trends and new work styles and will learn terminology used in the technology-enabled collaborative workplace.

Participating in a Virtual Community

A distributed team can be thought of as a dynamic living organism, which becomes increasingly complex as individuals and teams become more distributed. This module provides an understanding of how to work and participate in a distributed team community and will enable students to better maintain connections with their colleagues, cultivate strong team bonds, and stay aligned with our organization's core values.

Enhancing Communication & Collaboration

Communication and Collaboration takes on a whole new dynamic as face time decreases and electronic interaction increases. This module explores how to enhance your collaboration skills by consciously and purposefully enhancing listening and inquiry skills, managing availability and learning how to effectively participate in and lead virtual meetings.

Managing Performance & Development

Through carefully aligned teamwork, a team will reach high levels of performance while it accomplishes its goals. The same attention, dedication and perseverance you give to teamwork must also be applied to managing and examining your own work process, performance and personal development. This module explores methods for managing and maximizing your performance and accountability in the evolving workplace.


Adopting Mobility Best Practices

Adopting mobility best practices is critical for those who are enabled with mobility tools such as a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, softphone, or other technology equipment and applications that allow work from multiple spaces and places.

Being able to work anywhere or anytime requires a whole new way of thinking about work, and a whole new way of being successful at it. To be successful in the evolving workplace, mobile workers need to learn new skills and incorporate them into their daily work processes, as well as maintain a healthy division between work and personal commitments.

In the course, students learn to adopt mobility best practices in their work routines. As well, they are introduced to information concerning security best practices. This course also provides tips and techniques for preventing stress and overwork and how to become proficient at planning ahead.

The Mobility Best Practices is designed to provide mobile workers with the knowledge, tips, tools and best practices for working in multiple spaces and places, plus the unique skills and routines to remain connected and secure, and effectively manage their mobility. The course can be customized for your organization’s specific technology and processes, and can be presented as a stand-alone course or added to any other module.

Practicing Sustainable Behaviors

The Practicing Sustainable Behaviors module provides the sustainability features of the workplace, along with the tips, tools, protocols, support available, and other knowledge to help meet the sustainability goals of the organization. Students learn essential information on sustainable systems, features, practices, activities, and policies designed to provide a sustainable environment that can only be achieved with the acceptance and participation of every worker and visitor.

This course can be customized to present your sustainability strategy and objectives, your sustainability program name and terminology, and worker expectations. You can even provide links to essential information such as your policies on waste management and conservation, details on your commute options program, and any other information relevant to sustainability in the workplace.

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