The Technology

Learn instructions and protocols for maximizing the use of workplace technology.

Advances in technology have enabled many changes to how we work that dramatically improve productivity, mobility, and accessibility. Technology changes quickly and creates both opportunities and challenges. Today’s technological advances enable people to be effective working anytime or anywhere, but having the right equipment and knowing how to use it is essential to getting the job done well and on time.

Using Your Technology

In this course you will explore the tools, tips, resources, and best practices for achieving high levels of both personal and team productivity using technology to collaborate with others and to optimize personal productivity. Information is presented to reveal the empowering technology tools and equipment available in the workplace.

Students also review best practice operations to reduce security risks and business information vulnerability, acknowledging that protecting the security of this information is a key responsibility for everyone. This course reviews best practices and protocols for access, use, and support for workplace technology.

The Using Your Technology course is designed to uncover the technology in your workplace and help you to understand how to leverage the opportunities and respond to the challenges created by this technology. This course can be customized to present the details, lists, and availability of your workplace technology. You can include your organization’s specific tips for accessing information, using technology, and maximizing productivity with technology tools. As well, you can provide links to essential information such as protocols for technology selection, access to and use of equipment, support contact information, and other relevant workplace technology information.

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