The Case for Change

Embrace change--transition to a whole new way of working.

Today’s collaboration technology offers us all a whole new way to work—one that challenges us to rethink centuries-old ideas about what work is, where it gets done, and how it is measured. Technology and other forces are already changing how we work. But in order to maximize the potential of new ways of working, we must fundamentally change how we think about work and adopt new behaviors that fully leverage its potential.

While senior leaders are typically eager to deploy workplace practices that enhance organizational performance, resistance from middle managers and other employees is common. The key to overcoming that resistance—something has learned from decades of experience—is to first, make sure all stakeholders understand “the why” or “what’s in it for them,” and second, to address their fear of the unknown.

That’s why we created “The Case for Change” overview. Working with our research partner, Global Workplace Analytics, we’ve created a business case for workplace mobility and framed it from the three different perspectives of executives, managers, and staff.

Backed up by solid research this twenty-minute course will leave its participants with:

  • A fact-based business case that demonstrates the urgent need for new workplace strategies and practices
  • A clear vision of where and how they will work in the envisioned future
  • Straight answers to their most common questions
  • A clear understanding of what’s in it for them
  • The realization that leadership is empathic to their concerns and is committed to making the change as easy as possible
  • Action steps that will help them play a role in the change

Making the Case for Change

This twenty-minute overview, appealing to executives, managers, and staff, makes a strong case for workplace transformation.

The Facts

Our case for workplace transformation was developed based on best practices across numerous fortune 500 companies. We build the Case for Change by presenting fact-based arguments showing an unmistakable need for a whole new way of working. We present a clear vision of where and how people will work in the new workplace and include straight answers to the most common questions to neutralize objections, while recognizing that there are obstacles, and acknowledging that it won’t be easy.

What’s in it for me?

Executives, managers, and workers, need to understand why the organization is deploying this strategy and how it will impact them personally. In the Case for Change overview, we show what’s in it for each member of the organization by uncovering tangible benefits.

The Case for Change overview begins with a work profile selection. Providing different work profiles allows the message to become highly relevant to executives, managers, and workers, each individually. We believe by sharing this relevant business case and how it supports both the individual and the organization, will give your employees the context required for quick adoption and pave the way for a successful workplace transformation initiative.


The Case for Change overview delivers a lot of content in clear and easily digestible amounts that can be customized to complement the unique workplace messaging already created within our organization. Make the message your own by including your organization’s unique internal messaging, organizational statistics, mobility history, strategic plans, and specific workplace conditions.

Within just two weeks you can launch a branded and customized online case for change in the new workplace that is ready to deploy throughout your entire organization.

The Workplace of the Future

In the workplace of the future, work is becoming something that you do, not some place you go. There is something in it for everyone. No other workplace initiative offers as wide a range of solid, tangible benefits for all stakeholders—employers, employees, communities, and the environment. In the Case for Change overview we provide a set of actions each individual can take to play a role in this change and be part of the solution.

We have helped tens of thousands of workers transition from the traditional workplace of the past to the transformational workplace of the future. Like what you do, how you do it, and where you work. Let us help you build the Case for Change!

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