Negotiations in the Workplace

Negotiation lies at the heart of all business interactions.  We negotiate with our colleagues, we negotiate upwards with senior management, and we even negotiate with those we manage.  We also negotiate with customers, suppliers, and other external stakeholders.  We really are negotiating all the time.  

So, good negotiation skills are utterly necessary for the success of any organization, and nowhere is this more important than in the distributed workplace.  And negotiation does not mean compromise.  Instead, it means collaborative problem-solving to find mutually beneficial solutions.

Designed by one of the leading negotiations teachers in the world, the courses take the student through: 

  •          Getting Your Win
  •          Helping Them Get Their Win
  •          Resolving Deadlock
  •          Achieving Rapport
  •          Communicating Effectively
  •         Attaining Trust

Negotiations at a Distance was developed in partnership with Simon Horton of Negotiation Mastery, one of the world's leading centers for negotiation skills.  This course is designed to provide the knowledge, resources, and action steps to negotiate confidently, improve efficiency, build a high-performing team, have happier more motivated staff, and succeed in the distributed work environment.

 This module explores how to enhance negotiating skills Communication and Collaboration takes on a whole new dynamic as face time decreases and electronic interaction increases. This module explores how to enhance your collaboration skills by consciously and purposefully enhancing listening and inquiry skills, managing availability and learning how to effectively participate in and lead virtual meetings.


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