Managing Distributed Teams

Learn essential skills to successfully lead and manage a distributed team.

Whether a manager is currently leading a distributed team, or they are new to leading in a distributed work environment, this course will help them build the practical skills they need to lead their team.  This course provides managers the tools, resources and approach they need to become an effective teacher, coach and manager in the evolving workplace.  

Embracing Distributed Work

Managers set the tone for their team. By embracing distributed work as both a strategy and an opportunity, they help establish the foundation for your program's success.  In this module managers will review the impact of mobility trends and the benefits of a distributed workplace, along with understanding the need for new employee skills and work process changes.

Fostering Virtual Community

A team community is like a dynamic living organism and becomes more complex as individuals and teams become more distributed. This module helps managers of a distributed team foster a healthy team community by promoting connections, trust and cohesiveness while improving quality of life.

Building High Performance Teams

A key responsibility of all managers is to empower each individual and the team for success. This module helps managers track, measure and establish accountability for results, understand how the individual and team relate to the larger organization and eliminate location dependent work processes.

Enabling Effective Communication

It's no secret that good communication is the cornerstone of any effective team. This module helps managers drive effective communication and collaboration in their team by enhancing their communication skills, improving the use of virtual collaboration tools and establishing a communication strategy and plan. Finally, the leader will learn essential strategies that enable highly effective team communication and collaboration in a distributed work environment.

Upon completion of the course students also complete a detailed action plan to immediately implement and execute the information and knowledge gained from the course, and they are given an opportunity to provide feedback on the learning experience through a brief survey.

All of the course content can be customized to present important elements of your program including the strategy and objectives, program terminology, core management competencies, etc.   The course can also be customized with links to essential information such as your distributed workplace policy, remote worker selection process and any other information relevant to leading a distributed team.

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