Flex Fundamentals for Managers

Learn important information about the flexible work options that are available to employees.

Your workplace flexibility program is more than a benefit—it’s a strategy to help your organization meet its goals. But to get the best results, your managers and employees need to understand your policies and best-practice tips for managing and utilizing flex in your organization.

Manager resistance is one of the top barriers to flexible work success. Overcome resistance by arming managers with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. Provide your managers with the training they need to manage the flex process and lead a flexible work team.

Developed in partnership with Life Meets Work, our workplace flexibility courses offer modular e-learning to help your organization launch or improve training around your flexible work program. These courses are fully customizable to incorporate your flex policies, approach, and materials.

Flex as an Organizational Strategy

Build buy-in by helping managers understand the organizational strategy and goals behind flexible work. Educate managers on the multi-level benefits of flex.

Flexible Work Guidelines

Outline the logistics of your flexibility program. Review common questions about eligibility, requesting flex, nonexempt employees, telework, and more. Like all course modules, this is easily customized with your specific policy guidance.

Considering Flexible Work Requests

Provide managers the coaching and guidance they need to evaluate flexible work requests. Review business-based considerations and help managers understand when (and how) to approve or deny a request.

The Managerís Role in Flex

Demonstrate that manager support is essential to advance organizational goals and stay aligned with your organization’s core values. This module includes tips for communication, recommendations for team rules, and a manager readiness assessment.

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