Flex Fundamentals for Employees

Learn important information about the flexible work options that may be available to you.

Help employees understand the business strategy (and obligations) behind flexible work. Training demonstrates an organizational commitment to flexible work while also establishing clear expectations around performance and eligibility. It levels the playing field and sets everyone off on the right track from the outset.

Flex as an Organizational Strategy

Build buy-in by helping team members understand the organizational strategy and goals behind flexible work. Educate your team on the multi-level benefits of flexible work.

Flexible Work Guidelines

Outline the logistics of your flexibility program. Review common questions about eligibility, requesting flex, nonexempt employees, telework, and more. Like all course modules, this is easily customized with your specific policy guidance.

Your Role in Workplace Flexibility

Teach team members how to be successful whether they’re on a flexible schedule or part of a flexible team. This module includes tips for communication, effective work habits, and a readiness assessment.

Discussing Flex with Your Manager

Reinforce the message that flexible work must meet organizational needs. Outline the process for requesting flex and the kinds of considerations that should go into any flexible work proposal. Provide “next steps” if a request is approved or denied.

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