Customization Options

Language Translation courses can be translated into many languages. We use a high quality translation process that includes human local language translators, editors, and reviewers from a partner who serves numerous Fortune 50 companies and many top educational institutions in the world. All final translations are maintained in translation memory, so future updates and changes only require incremental translation.

Translation of our courses can include hard copy documents, on-screen text, voice and video, or any combination of these that will work best in meeting your organization’s needs.

Content Localization

Our course customization process makes it easy to localize your courses for cultural or regional differences. The proprietary customization process allows you to simply provide us with any course content changes in Word documents. Your edits are then quickly published to a localized version of the course, then returned to you for approval.

Course Hosting Services

We are fully aware of the challenges you face in consistently hosting, managing, tracking and reporting your e-Learning courses. As a result, we have designed our courses to be fully compatible with SCORM 1.2 and AICC learning platforms so you can host the courses on your Learning Management System or, if you prefer, we can host the courses for you.

The hosting platform includes a simple and easy to use interface that allows for quick user setup, customizable and personalized e-mail invitations, and detailed progress reporting and completion status. Reports can be sorted based on any reporting element and all reports can be exported to Excel.

Post-Course Surveys

A training evaluation survey is presented to the student at the end of each course as a standard element of all e-Learning courses. Our surveys ask students to evaluate the effectiveness of meeting the individual learning objectives established in the course. The surveys also ask for their input on the effectiveness of the learning techniques, including activities, scenarios, quizzes and learn more documents, plus the technical performance of the course platform and their overall satisfaction with the learning experience. We are proud of feedback we’ve received over the years and look forward to sharing it with you.

The Rapid Course Development Platform

Do you need a course on proper ergonomics or an introduction on the use of social networking tools? Do you need a course on emergency evacuation or sexual harassment? The Rapid Course Development Platform may provide you with an unexpected solution. Our platform is flexible enough to take just about any content you provide us and quickly convert it into a high quality e-learning course.

Before you conclude that your e-learning training needs are too complex, or too costly to develop, let us show you just how easy it is to convert your content to an engaging and effective e-Learning experience using the Rapid Course Development Platform!

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