Our Partners

e-Work.com is proud to partner with industry leaders that have a wide range of complementary workplace products, services and consulting. As the recognized leader in "Work Place" and "Work Practice" training, e-Work.com has been selected as a partner by leading firms specializing in a variety of related fields (see the table below).

Workplace Partner Services

Work Practice Partner Services

Collaboration Tools and Technology

Distributed Team Preparation

Workplace Sustainability

Program Metrics and Analysis

Facilities Management

Business Case Development

Workplace Design

Program Policy and Procedures

Green Buildings

Organizational Transformation

Mobile Security

Change Management

Workplace Planning and Development

Conflict Resolution

Interior and Architectural Design

Academic/Industry Research

Hoteling Reservation Systems

Organizational Assessment

Mobile Worker Activity Tracking

Worker and Manager Assessment

Partner Referrals

Our extensive experience in the industry and wide array of relationships make e-Work.com a great partner to assist you in finding the expertise and services you need to design and deploy a successful workplace program! Just give us a call. We will not only help you with all your training needs, we will help you identify other partners that are best suited for your particular program.

Trade Associations

e-Work.com participates in a wide range of industry associations and serves in leadership roles in many of the related work groups and consortiums. Check our news and events page for the latest forums and conferences we are working with and support.

If you have a chance to attend any of these events please contact kate.north@e-work.com and she will be glad to schedule time to talk with you about the needs of your program. Many of our partners also attend these events so we would be glad to also introduce you to those companies that would make a good fit for your organization.

e-Work.com Trade Association Affiliations

ASTD – American Society for Training and Development

Best Workplace for Commuters

CUTR - Center for Urban Transportation Research

CoreNet Workplace Community

IFMA - International Facilities Management Association

ISPI - International Society for Performance Improvement

New WOW - New Ways of Working Network

QuantumLeap4 Work

RERC - Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Workplace Accommodations

SALT - Society for Applied Learning Technology

SHRM – Society for Human Resources Technology

The Telework Coalition

USDLA – Unites States Distance Learning Association

Workplace TV

World At Work

Worldwide Workplace Council

WTS – Women in Transportation

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